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Peer Beer

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As most of us are working remotely now, it has become even harder to meet peers, learn from each other, or simply get inspired by someone.

We want to provide you with those serendipitous meetings. Twice a month we'll match you with a person who’s as passionate as you are about building delightful products.

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Gal Shir
Independent creator

“As an independent creator, I often feel isolated. It has been super inspiring to meet other makers and chat about their work.”
Noa Levy
Product designer
“I love how diverse the conversations have been. From design systems to AI and anything in between!”
Philip Olenyk
Developer & Data scientist
“I feel incredibly energized and motivated after meeting new people. I’ve met awesome makers.”
Gad Bornstein
Product Manager
“It has been amazing to chat with different makers on how they approach product development. I’ve learned so much!”